The Benefits of Antibacterial Touch Screen Glass in Hewlett

benefits of antibacterial touch screen glass

Modern civilization is full of public touch screens in Hewlett ranging from airplane TVs and ATMs to deli counter kiosks; each can serve as a source for germ transmission.

One solution to frequently clean touchscreens according to CDC recommendations is using antibacterial glass; now available on many projected capacitive (TEOS) touch displays from Zytronic.

1. Reduces the risk of infection

Modern society is filled with public touchscreens, from airplane TVs and ATMs to deli counter kiosks and ATMs. When used by multiple people over an extended period, touchscreens may carry germs and bacteria from them all, though disinfection using alcohol swabs may only offer temporary relief.

Studies have demonstrated that up to 90% of touchscreens are contaminated with staphylococci and other microorganisms. Harsh cleaning chemicals damage the surface of touchscreens, creating micro-crescents in which bacteria colonies can flourish.

Corning, known for their Gorilla Glass that protects Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, has announced that they are manufacturing antibacterial touchscreen displays. Their special glass contains silver ions that fuse to an ultra-thin cover lens of display during manufacturing to destroy over 650 species of bacteria that will remain effective throughout its lifecycle. This could help curb pandemic infections.

2. Reduces the risk of stains

Modern society is full of touch screens: airplane TVs, ATMs and deli-counter kiosks all use public touch screens that can spread germs to multiple users or employees in one office. All such devices pose potential health hazards by harboring and spreading bacteria onto surfaces around them – creating potential hotspots.

One effective strategy to reduce this risk is regularly cleaning touchscreen surfaces in accordance with CDC guidelines, although this may be impossible when used by multiple people in rapid succession (for instance in a busy restaurant during lunch rush).

Glass scientists have recently developed antimicrobial technology that eliminates stain- and odor-causing bacteria on thin touchscreen covers without negatively affecting optical or functional performance. Ionic silver embedded within the composition of cover glass provides up to 99.9% elimination of various germs; once integrated during manufacturing these antimicrobial properties will last as long as your screen itself.

3. Reduces the risk of scratches

Gorilla Glass used in touchscreen displays is now available with antimicrobial properties, making it even tougher and providing protection from microbes on contact. Sintered into its surface, this coating uses ionic silver to eliminate potential health threats without impacting performance or aesthetics of touchscreen displays.

This technology is ideal for businesses that seek to prevent theft while simultaneously cutting cleaning and treatment time in half and helping prevent germ transmission between customers.

Antimicrobial technology is built into glass during manufacturing, becoming part of its permanent structure and effective against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens; independently tested to eliminate over 99% of human coronavirus infections as well as kill gram-negative rods and stain-causing bacteria – ideal for restaurants, hospitals and other environments where hygiene is a top priority.

4. Reduces the risk of theft

Today’s world is littered with touch-enabled displays ranging from airplane TVs and ATMs to deli counter kiosks – each of which can potentially transmit germs.

One way to reduce contamination is to clean surfaces between uses. Unfortunately, this can be challenging when multiple people use touchscreens quickly.

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Antibacterial glass offers the solution. Glass scientists have designed a version of Gorilla glass containing ionic silver that leaches onto touchscreen surfaces and eliminates up to 99.9% of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, providing peace of mind.

Ions are beneficial over the lifetime of any display and for human skin as well, helping prevent build-up of harmful chemicals. Some experts are dubious of antibacterial products in general; they worry they may lead to resistance of bacteria to this substance; cleaning and disinfecting current touchscreen devices would suffice in protecting from germs spreading further.