What Are the NFT Display Solution Available at The Bronx New York?

what are the nft display solution available

If you’re looking for an NFT display solution in The Bronx New York, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a few of the top options in this article. They’re SolidNFT, Meural Canvas II, Qonos, and TokenCast.


For companies that are looking for a display solution, SolidNFT offers a variety of customizable options. For example, their Tokenframe models come in different sizes, ranging from 10 inches to 55 inches. Additionally, their products can be used to display multiple types of NFTs.

NFT art is available in various formats, such as limited edition, digital, and traditional art frames. There are also curated art collections that you can browse. Dragon Touch, Looking Glass Holograms, Canvia Smart Digital Art Frame, and Mono X7 are some of the options for displaying digital art. You can also buy solid NFT prints if you prefer the traditional style of artwork.

Another NFT frame option is the BlockFrameNFT. This model uses NFT technology and has greater wallet connectivity. Samsung has a proven track record of producing digital picture frames. The Frame uses quantum dot technology to produce over a billion shades of colour.


The Qonos NFT display solution is designed to showcase your artwork in a stylish way. Its custom frame has a high resolution display and an integrated graphics processor. It also has motion and proximity sensors and a walnut finish. The Qonos frame is also flush mounted so you can display it on any wall without taking up valuable floor space. It also gives you access to a digital art gallery that is worth $500 million dollars. And if you want, you can curate your own playlist of your favorite works of art.

The Qonos frame was designed to resemble the art of LeBron and Beeple, and has high-quality graphics for video and pictures. It is compatible with a variety of NFTs and is available in various sizes. It also has a low-power mode that cuts down on energy use when no one is viewing the display. It is also compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.


TokenCast is a free and open-source software for projecting crypto art onto LED televisions and mobile devices. The technology is aimed at removing the major barriers to crypto-art display. By using this technology, crypto art is presented in crisp, clear, and rich colors. The software is ideal for virtual galleries, and is a great way to attract visitors to crypto-art exhibitions.

The software allows for the creation of custom interfaces and controls for the digital art frame. It also includes a library of 30,000+ works of art. Users can also upload their own art to the system and display it on the device. TokenCast’s software is easy to install and use.

Dragon Touch

Samsung is one company pursuing an NFT display solution for its future televisions. The company has announced a partnership with Nifty Gateway to develop the world’s first smart TV NFT platform, which is expected to be available in March 2022. The upcoming TVs will feature inbuilt NFT technology.

The Dragon Touch NFT display is a great choice for a wide range of applications. Its IPS touch screen can play videos and display pictures at 1920×1200 pixel resolution. It supports videos up to 30 seconds, and the display has 16GB of internal storage, which can store up to 40,000 images.

In terms of features, it offers a variety of options, including a built-in QR code and metadata. It also features an acrylic or wooden frame. A user can change the NFT on the frame and put in any type of artwork. Another option is the “world’s first e-paper digital art frame.” The screens are made of paper, but they reflect light towards the eyes, so they only use power when the picture changes.