The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in Great Neck

Finishing touches for your packaging design can have a tremendous effect on how customers perceive your brand in Great Neck. By including foils, textures and embossing effects in your designs you can elevate the overall experience for customers.

Foiling comes in various finishes, from metallic (gold, silver and copper) and neon hues, through neons to holograms and security foils. Furthermore, soft touch coating adds velvety textures for an exclusive feel when handling packaging.

Enhances Brand Presence

With increased competition and customer choice, it’s vital to find unique ways to stand out on the shelf. Utilizing finishing techniques can make your product packaging and printing solutions truly stand out.

Foil finishes add an eye-catching metallic sheen to packaging materials, such as foil stamping. A metal die transfers metallic foil directly onto paper for a shimmering print surface that enhances brand presence and appeal. Other popular finishing options include embossing and debossing; embossing raises text and graphics while debossing presses them deeper into its surface for an attractive premium feel.

Choose eco-friendly varnishes, limit usage, select recycled materials, avoid overpackaging and properly dispose of varnish to achieve sustainable packaging and printing solutions. With these steps in place, you can help preserve natural resources while decreasing environmental impacts.

Adds Durability

Coatings and effects that add durability can extend the shelf life of packaging by protecting against tears or wear-and-tear damage, moisture accumulation and changing weather conditions such as rain or snowfall.

Lamination is an attractive choice, adhering a plastic film directly onto the printed surface of your box to increase strength and longevity. Lamination comes in many varieties including gloss, matt, soft touch or metallic finishes that work particularly well when combined with foiling and embossing techniques to give your design its distinctive flair.

Foiling is a process that uses a heated metal roll to add an attractive metallic appearance to your print, increasing visual appeal and creating a premium feel. It works great on all AQ and silk finishes, particularly when combined with embossing or debossing for an eye-catching finish. Foil comes in many colours including gold, silver, holographic shades and neon options – ideal for emphasizing company logos or product imagery and giving packaging its wow factor!

Enhances Appearance

Applying finishing techniques to your packaging will add a premium aesthetic, helping it stand out on shelves. Common finishes are coatings such as gloss or soft-touch varnish that add shine while protecting print from marking.

Foiling and embossing are also popular finishes that use heat processes to create impressions on paper, which can highlight company logos or product imagery, helping your packaging stand out from competitors.

Spot UV finishing techniques add a special touch to specific parts of your design to emphasize certain features, making the colours pop even further and increasing visual impact. Lamination is another popular finishing solution; using transparent film laminated over printed cartons enhances their appearance; it comes in different finishes such as gloss, matte or soft touch options so Netpak can provide advice on which would best meet the needs of your business.

Boosts Convenience

Packaging finishing techniques not only add aesthetic value to a product but can also provide customers with convenience. Varnish provides protection from water and environmental factors which could deteriorate printing materials over time.

Matte finish coating, on the other hand, does not reflect light and is less prone to fingerprints and smudges than its glossy counterparts – giving products packaged in such coatings an air of luxury that’s ideal for high-end products.

Foiling, which uses metal dies and heat to transfer metallic colors onto paper to form eye-catching laminate packaging, is another popular option that is sure to make their products stand out on store shelves. This method makes your product instantly recognizable by using metallic hues that pop off the page! It is the ideal solution for companies wanting their items to stand out.

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At Netpak, we can help you select the optimal finishes for your products and services. Contact us now to discover more of our global capabilities for finishing and converting – you’ll see firsthand the difference our team makes!