4 Digital Signage Apps – What Are the Best Ones on Google Play in New York

what are the digital signage app on google play

If you’re in the market for a new digital signage app, you may be wondering, what are the best ones on Google Play? Here are a few recommendations: OptiSigns, ScreenScape, NowSignage, Chromebit, and eSignage. Read on to learn more about these applications and which one is right for you. After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of which digital signage apps are right for you.


If you’re looking for a digital signage app that’s easy to install, you’ve come to the right place. OptiSigns’ associated apps sync content from the cloud, which eliminates the need for changing storage drives and the hassle of transferring files. These associated apps also let you create custom playlists and customize content delivery timelines. They’re also available for Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick, so you can enjoy a seamless experience on any device.

To download the OptiSigns digital signage app, go to the Android emulator MemuPlay. This application has the Google Play store icon, but does not require Google Play store to install applications. To install the OptiSigns digital signage app, you can use the standard method of installing Android applications. If you’re using Bluestacks, you can use MemuPlay, an Android emulator. It’s fast, lightweight, and built for gaming.


The ScreenScape digital signage app works on both Mac and Windows. It interprets the HTML of a website and attempts to render it on the player. Some websites are blocked, so this feature may not be suitable for your site. However, a Webpage proxy will increase the chances of success. Users can turn off this feature if they experience trouble while trying to view a particular website.

Another popular alternative is TelemetryTV. This cloud-based app allows users to connect any screen to the internet to create an interactive signage experience. It offers a range of tools for displaying content on screens, including layout creation and asset management. Users can even import their own media, create playlists, and use a Canva editor. The program can also integrate with Google Drive, allowing users to access the media library.


NowSignage is a digital signage application for Android devices that can turn any display into a digital signage display. It integrates with a people counting sensor, so it can provide information about social distancing and trends at a glance. It can also serve as a navigational tool for students and visitors, especially during open days. Moreover, it integrates with CMS, so trend reports can be pulled from a single source.

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This application works with any screen in any location, and you can easily schedule content for different times of the day. You can also create seasonal campaigns and schedule content to play at different times. The app also optimises the content you upload to ensure maximum display time, and its offline mode reduces reliance on a stable Internet connection. It has the latest social media search facility built-in and supports RSS feeds.


Despite a lack of native support for a wide range of media formats, Chromebit is an effective digital signage solution. Its simple configuration process and software allow for easy changes to signage content. A Chromebit is similar to an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku device and has several advantages over their predecessors. This article will provide an overview of some of the best digital signage apps on the market.

The Chromebit is one of the cheaper digital signage players available. It can display up to 1080p video but has limited power. It can be controlled via the Chrome Management Console. Another option is the Chromebox, which is suitable for businesses that need a large number of displays. This device features stable operating system, verified book, and data encryption. If you’re looking for a more powerful digital signage player, you should consider Chromebox.