The 6 Best Touch Screen Phones in New York (Once upon a time)

the best touch screen phones

When it comes to touchscreen devices, the iPhone is the clear winner. Its incredible aspirations and phenomenal recognition across the globe have revolutionized the touchscreen devices market. The Apple iPhone costs about Rs 34,500 for the 16GB model. With an MRP of nearly $3490, this is an affordable option for most people. However, the price may not be the only factor when choosing a touchscreen device. Samsung’s S8000/S8003 and LG’s Pop GD510 are all excellent choices for a high-end touch screen phone.


There are several causes of an unresponsive touchscreen on your iPhone. First, it could be a dirty screen, which you must clean thoroughly before using the device. Second, the touchscreen may be unresponsive because of a faulty accessory. The problem might also be due to a hardware issue, which requires a professional repair. Fortunately, there are solutions for both problems. Follow the instructions below to fix your touchscreen phone. If none of these solutions work, there are a few things you can do to make your device responsive again.

If the problem is software-related, you can try restoring the device to a previous state. To do this, you need to boot into DFU mode, which will allow iTunes to access and sync your iOS device. This method will repair any system components that are damaged, such as the touchscreen. To enter the DFU mode, you should press the volume up and volume down buttons quickly while holding down the power button until the screen turns black.

The most common causes of iPhone touch disease include repeated drops on hard surfaces, which put tremendous stress on the device. Other problems include a flickering bar on the display, which may be accompanied by the loss of multi-touch features. While the iPhone 6 Plus is most affected, other models may also be afflicted by the problem. Fortunately, there are solutions for the most common causes of iPhone touch disease. Just follow the steps below to fix your iPhone touch screen phone.

LG Pop GD510

The LG POP GD510 is a small, sleek phone that is about two-thirds the size of most other touch-screen phones. The slim design and metallic silver paint make it a classy choice. The touchscreen is 76mm in size and has a resolution of 240×400 pixels. It also has an earpiece and a feature to silence incoming calls. A number of users have commented that they like this handset’s simple design and lack of frills.

The home screen is divided into three panels, and is customizable by dragging widgets. There are preloaded widgets for Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, as well as a Post-it Note application. The phone also features a photo gallery, games menu, and FM tuner. A camera key sits at the bottom of the screen, and the phone features a camera. A music player and FM tuner are on the top right.

The LG Pop GD510 has a touchscreen that extends almost to the edges of the phone. With a 4.8 mm thin bezel, it appears as a single sheet of glass. It also has a brushed aluminum finish, giving it a premium appearance. In addition, this phone features a 3 megapixel camera and video recording. You can play music from your phone or watch movies on the screen with this phone.

Samsung S8000/S8003

The Samsung S8000/S8003 are the most impressive touch screen phones to date, but they aren’t the only one. The Jet S8000 is a surprisingly small phone, but it fits well in the pocket and feels good in the hand. It has a plastic chassis and weighs only 110g, making it light and cheap to hold. It has an excellent camera and a large screen, too.

The Jet S8000 is another great touch screen device, using a Cubic-style menu interaction. The front of the phone has a 3D-cube button, which provides the same functionality as a menu button on an S60 device. Its 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen is bright and easy to use, allowing for a number of multitasking features. The Samsung S8000/S8003 are the best touch screen phones for users who want to stay connected to social networks and email.

Sony Ericsson Aino

If you haven’t heard of the new Sony Ericsson Aino touch screen slider phone, then you’re missing out. The phone’s three-inch touchscreen supports touch in multimedia menus and camera interfaces, and it features Sony Remote Play and HSPA connectivity. The Aino also supports Wi-Fi and A-GPS. Other features include an integrated stopwatch and calculator. Depending on your needs, you can even use it as your PS3 remote control.

Unlike the first Aino, this new model comes with a 3 inch diagonal display with 16.7 million colors and 432 x 240-pixel resolution. The display is also capable of functioning as a touch screen when closed. The Aino’s 3D media browser is also useful for displaying photos. Other functions on the phone include a camera and microphone. The Aino is a great phone for multimedia, and many consumers are happy with its new design.

Aino comes with a Bluetooth headset adapter and docking station. This docking station holds the phone on its side and allows you to watch movies or play games. It also has plugs for charging and an AV connection. It also includes a composite video and analogue stereo audio output. Bluetooth is built into the headset adapter. Once you attach the headset adapter, your Aino and docking station are automatically paired.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is an attractive, high-end touch-screen phone, but the build quality is questionable. The screen, which uses resistive touch sensing technology, is finished in a flimsy plastic, and the keyboard is surrounded by the same flexible plastic. This results in wobbling when you are typing, and the 117g device feels cheap. It would have been nice to see a more solid keyboard surround, as it does not provide a good typing experience.

Another issue with the Vivaz Pro’s screen is its small size. The Vivaz Pro’s screen is remarkably bright and vivid, with an impressive 16 million colour range. Although the screen size is small, it has a very good viewing angle, but because of its high resolution, you will have to scroll down to read the text on it. Fortunately, the Vivaz Pro has a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to headphones.

The Vivaz Pro’s new design philosophy has led to the phone’s remarkably thin design. Its 3.2-inch screen is 15mm thick, making it one of the thinnest slider phones available. The phone is available in Black and White, and is expected to be available in selected markets by Q2.

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LG Venus

LG has designed its new Venus touch screen phone with two screens, one normal and one smaller touch screen. Both screens have touch-sensitive navigation controls, and depending on what the user is doing, they’ll display different options on them. For example, the messaging service will show arrows in the middle for menu navigation, as well as buttons for settings, options, back, and message. On the call screen, the screen will display the caller’s name, phone number, and message.

The LG Venus is an excellent choice if you want a touch-screen phone with a lot of functionality. It has a full-featured alphanumeric keypad and a dedicated CLR key. Other features include a microSD card slot, standard battery, USB cable, and a printed manual. A number of useful applications are available for the phone, and it also supports PC syncing and instant messaging.

The LG Venus has a dual-screen design, onscreen navigation controls that change layout depending on the application, and vibrating feedback when touched. It also has a rich multimedia experience, including EV-DO support and dual-screen display for viewing pictures or videos. Although the LG Venus has great performance, some users may find the touch screen gimmicky and the lack of customizable touch sensitivity settings disappointing. In addition, the phone’s camera doesn’t have a self-portrait mirror, which can be a drawback.